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UNIZ Software

The UNIZ Software Suite provides many tools for preparing your next print on your UNIZ printer.

UNIZ Desktop


  • Customizable Z resolution profile

  • Unique vector-based ultra-fast slicing algorithm

  • Multi-printer management

  • Ultra large model size

  • Built-in advanced model repair

Release Notes

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Mac Software Link.PNG
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Customizable Z Resolution

Select portions of your model to print in higher or lower resolution in order to increase printing efficiency.

Z Smart Support

Automatically add supports with the click of a button using our advanced support algorithm or manually add them yourself.

Advanced Printing Control

Manage multiple printers either wirelessly or through USB.

Cloud Printing

Easy to use cloud service allows for quick model browsing and prints with just a tap on your smartphone.

UNIZ   App

One-click printing

With the UNIZ One-click printing App, your next print can be as easy as a few touches on your smart phone or tablet. You can monitor, pause or cancel the printing process anytime, anywhere on your mobile device.

App Image 3.png
app image 1.png

Download directly from our pre-validated online model store and start printing with one tap.

Acquire print status and control printers from anywhere using your smartphone.

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App Stor Download.PNG
App image 2.png

Check the progress of your prints with real time photo updates.

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